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War: Battle & Conquest MOD (freeze enemy, unlimited energy) 5.51.1 APK

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  • Android 5.0 +
  • Mod: 5.51.1
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War: Battle & Conquest is a massive strategy game that can only be won with the help of well-thought-out strategy and tactics, as you will be transported to the far from calm times of the Second World War. Before you will be a map of our entire planet and the faster you seize all power, the more power resources will be in your army.

Consider all the risks and place your bets at the right time and place, join forces with allies and completely wipe out entire nations from the face of the earth. You will have many opportunities in your hands, you just need to use them wisely. Connect special abilities and make a blitzkrieg.

With new levels, you will have more gifts and new discoveries without which it is impossible to move on in War: Battle & Conquest. Along the way, go through missions, tasks and exciting military quests. Conquer the whole world and paint the planet in the color of your flag!

Mod features:

  • Enemies cannot attack you
  • Increase energy by 99 per turn
  • Increase to 99 soldiers per turn
War: Battle & Conquest (dump enemies / unlimited energy) apk on android!
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