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CarX Street (beta test)

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  • CarX Technologies
  • Android 4.1 +
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CarX Street is a new project from the developer of a series of racing simulators with completely open worlds and complete freedom of movement. Look for interesting races and new events on the global map yourself, buy real estate and visit a tuning studio where your favorite car can be altered beyond recognition.

A completely living city will open before your eyes, with a lot of traffic, a smooth change in the time of day and a lot of Easter eggs scattered along the streets. Play and discover new elite areas of the city, where your whole racing life will take place.

Experience the whole life of a real racer, joining the coolest clubs and defeating the fastest bosses in the most elephant races. Don't forget to refuel, because each race requires a certain amount of fuel. After all, every win is worth the time spent. during which you will destroy tires and create a lot of smoke in the large metropolis of CarX Street.

CarX Street has been rescheduled for October 2022!

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