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Granny's House (unlimited keys and items / no timer)

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  • Android 4.4 +
  • Mod: 2.4.401
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Granny's House - together with other innocent children you find yourself in a creepy house where a dangerous grandmother with a bat and a grandfather with a pitchfork dart around. Before she gets to you, you need all the gear keys as quickly as possible to get out of this endless nightmare until you run out of time on the timer. This is just one of six available modes, full of new tasks and dangerous adventures.

You can choose other modes in which you need to fight or perform incredible stunts, moving away from the evil grandmothers. By creating your unique image of a scared girl, you can stand out from the others and show real mastery of survival in a creepy place where it seemed that hope had left you.

Learn to quickly dodge all the grandparents, dealing damage to them and avoiding the answer. After playing a dozen, the second mission, you will understand how to play and bypass any obstacles. Learn the new rules of the new tasks, where there are a lot of players who, like you, are ready to hold on to the end without sparing their character in the creepy grandmother's house.

Mod features:

  • Open keys and items
  • Instant Rescue (no timer)
  • Instant monster transformation (in occupation mode)
  • Red Light and Green Light (Instant)
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