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Valorant Mobile (alpha test)

Rating: 4.1 (45)
  • Riot Games, Inc
  • Android 4.1 +
  • Mod: 14.0.102746
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Valorant Mobile - who is not yet in the subject, then before you is a first-person FPS shooter, in which, according to the classics of the genre, two teams must oppose, one of which sets a bomb, the second defuses it. Stock up on patience, weapons and other ammunition in order to arrange real fun for the entire upcoming match.

Choose well-designed agents with cool perks to launch a variety of bombs, spheres and weapons with unique capabilities like a scanner that works through walls. The more you play for a certain character, the more interesting his abilities will become.

Valorant Mobile is a completely team project in which you alone are doomed to death, but a well-coordinated game will definitely be well rewarded. Using the voice hour and playing in platoons, you will be able to quickly navigate the terrain and even put marks that you can clean up later. Think over your own tactics. look for the best spots in for surprise attacks and cover your back in the team, because this is the only way to achieve great success.

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