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Stick War: Legacy (unlimited money and gems / unlocked)

Rating: 4.2 (377)
  • Max Games Studios
  • Android 4.1 +
  • Mod: 2022.1.32
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Stick War: Legacy - will tell you the story of the world of Inamort, in which several Stickman tribes live, and each of them has developed and improved its weapon technology for many centuries to fight for survival. This means that without fighting, you cannot exist in this harsh world. After all, after each battle you will have a chance to get at your disposal new technologies of those that you can defeat. This is how the battle begins!

Start mining resources💎 to fight💣

Any battle in the game will begin against the background of a statue, which is your symbol of independence and survival. This means that it must be protected at all costs and enemies must not be allowed to reach it, and in the meantime, your miners must mine ore so that you can develop further than your soldiers. After all, without a good army, you will not get a strong defense and a correct attack on the enemy statue.

For improvements to the armory🔎

After each battle in Stick War: Legacy, you can go to the armory and already roam there properly, because each type of soldier can be pumped many times, significantly increased their combat characteristics, allowing you to attack enemies faster and better. Although there are not so many varieties of soldiers, each of them is worth the price of gold.

New lands await you🗻🌋🌄

The game map is huge and in each area you will be greeted by completely new Stickmen, which will not be so easy to defeat, because everyone uses their weapons and you need to choose tactics and strategy to defeat them. After all, not only archers, sword-bearers, but even giants will warmly welcome you ahead.

Mod features:

  • Added 1000 gold coins
  • Clear employed population
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Exercise without cooling
  • Open boxes as you wish
  • Summon soldiers (optional)
  • You can make purchases. even if you don`t have enough diamonds
  • Infinite Diamonds
  • You can make purchases. even if you don`t have enough diamonds
Stick War: Legacy (unlimited money and gems / unlocked) apk on android!
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