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Shadow Fight 3 (unlimited money / max level)

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Shadow Fight 3 is the continuation and evolution of one of the most popular mobile fighting games, the graphics of which have become higher and now you can again defeat many opponents using the shadow mode. All battles will take place during the mythical Middle Ages, where sharp swords, strong nunchucks and the ability to perform cool acrobatic techniques decide everything.

Upgrade your fighter by learning new skills
The more opponents you defeat in battles, the more various items in the form of weapons and armor will be available to you, but in order to wear them you need to reach a certain level. After all, for each level there is a set of unique weapons and uniforms. Later, new skills with cool skills and additional throwing weapons will become available to you in order to get a slight advantage over opponents with its help.

Large map with constantly updated buildings
The map in Shadow Fight 3 looks like a landscape with divided territories in which you will receive new tasks to complete. In addition to the main tasks, you can participate in arena battles or fight with real players online. As soon as you are ready, you will be able to oppose the boss, for the battle with which you need to properly prepare so as not to fall face down in the mud in the first round.

Cards, boosters, diamonds and a lot of donation
Since the game is distributed free of charge, a lot of different currencies for Danat have been added to it, but playing you can get very little, the rest you will have to buy for money. In order to somehow get new weapons and armor, you need to use the dropped cards, chests and participate in limited events.

Don`t use mod in tutorial!

Mod features:

  • Added freeze target (just stands still)
  • Quick Victory Unlocked (Round will end before the battle starts)
  • High damage taken (kill any enemy with one simple hit)
Shadow Fight 3 (unlimited money / max level) apk on android!
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