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Dawn of Dynasty (trial run)

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  • Mod: 1.3.1
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Dawn of Dynasty is an addictive strategy game from Chinese developers with very cute graphics and cute waifu assistants, who, by the way, have rather curvy shapes. In all this beauty, there is a battle between three kingdoms, and which side you choose is up to you. Well trained military generals and an entire army that can become under your command will come to your aid.

In addition to military affairs, engage in strengthening the walls of your state and the construction of new buildings, with the help of which you will develop faster. After all, you are waiting for a long military adventure, with new lands, constant battles and good allies.

The level of detail in Dawn of Dynasty will allow you to significantly zoom in or out of the terrain, constantly looking at small details in locations. Thanks to this, you will be able to see in advance the hidden dangers and even traps for your soldiers. Constantly think over and develop new strategies for offensives and competently defend your impregnable castle, because this is the only way to unite the entire Chinese empire.

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