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Zombie Castaways MOD (unlimited coins and zombiebucks) 4.42.1 APK

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Zombie Castaways - start with a small piece of land on a huge island, which has set itself the task of ennobling one hard-working zombie. After all, he is ready to work tirelessly day and night, so that on the island where he lives there was everything necessary to create his own family and a whole generation of zombies. Complete hundreds of quests and side missions to get even closer to your dream.

There are no many items for the craft🔨🪓🔧

The further you move along the map, the more you will need new items with which you can break stones, dig up the ground or cut out bushes. Move further forward across the map and unlock new buildings that you can customize and make them livable.

More zombies to handle everything🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟

Populate your Zombie Castaways island with other critters to make your business go faster and you can travel to other islands. With several dozen other living dead, you can quickly extract resources, plant useful crops and clear the island of unnecessary items.

Huge thematic map🌍

With the opening of the pier, you will have the opportunity to visit themed islands and find many interesting objects and artifacts there in order to build real wonders of the world. In order to have time around, hire a whole army of assistants and do everything very quickly, because access to some islands is limited in time.

Mod features:

  • Unlimited coins and zombiebucks
Zombie Castaways (unlimited coins and zombiebucks / all unlocked) apk on android!
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