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Dawn of Zombies: Survival MOD (free craft and build) 2.194 APK

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  • Mod: 2.194
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Dawn of Zombies: Survival is a big scary world that survived a terrible dose of radiation after which only a few survived, while the rest mutated into zombies. Now, on the great ruins of civilization, you need to try to survive playing as one of the lucky ones, who is constantly fighting for life, looking for water, food and other necessary provisions.

Great things await you ahead, because you need to build a sovenneo shelter, which can be underground, far from the eyes of mutants. Look around on the map where you can find at least some supplies and find merchants in order to buy the missing items. In the future, you will craft many useful items, creating them from scratch and pumping the wageno of the surviving hero.

Learn to choose the most necessary items from the scrap metal compartment, because it is not always possible to take everything to the base, and the road is not close and will require a lot of energy. All this can be restored and replenished, but this will require a lot of resources and money. After all, you still need to develop quickly in order to be ready for any attack outside the settlement, for this, build new fortifications and pump over existing ones. Dawn of Zombies needs to survive at any cost, regardless of danger and other harmful factors.

Mod features:

  • Max Crafting Level
  • Free construction
  • Free Crafting

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Dawn of Zombies: Survival (free craft and build) apk on android!
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