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War Robots (unlimited gold, ammo and rocket)

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  • Mod: 8.3.0
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War Robots is one of the most ambitious MMO shooters in which you can feel the full power of huge metal robots designed to fight in hot PvP battles. Here, in any scenario, you have to inflict huge damage on enemy robots, capture other bases or eliminate victory with points. start your journey with a small robot and several weapons and pump to great heights.

With new robots🤖 - new weapons🔫
As you progress in the game, you will have access to new, more advanced robots with better defense, damage and maneuverability. Moreover, they will give not only improved characteristics, but also access to exclusive weapons with which it will be much more fun to destroy opponents. Indeed, on new levels, the battles will be more dynamic, exciting and hardcore.

Fight in leagues🎺 and with your friends👨‍👧
War Robots is not just battles in open locations, but also an opportunity to join forces with friends. to step on enemies together and support each other with hot fire. The developers have not forgotten the league battles in which you need to show the best result. to go to a certain league and take your place of honor in a team of experienced fighters. especially. that this way it will be much easier to earn experience and game currency.

Play🎮 more to find a suitable robot🎰
With gaming experience, you will be able to more accurately determine which combat mech you liked the most. after all, one robot can move faster, another can jump high, and the third is generally slow and well-armored. So you can list for a very long time, because the toy definitely has something to choose and pump to suit your style of play.

Mod features:

  • Unlimited gold and silver
  • Open inactive bots (MOD works up to level 8!)
  • Unlimited bullets received
War Robots (unlimited gold, ammo and rocket) apk on android!
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