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Granny MOD (mod menu / dump bot) 1.8 APK

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Granny - the action of the game begins from the moment the main character wakes up in a huge house, which belongs to a slightly crazy grandmother. After all, granny does not let anyone in or out of the house and is even ready to kill if you try to escape. With this mement, the whole gameplay will begin, in which you have to find a way out of the house for five days until your grandmother is completely crazy and let you go for pies.

You need to move to the old house very quietly and imperceptibly, because the granny has a good ear and she will immediately come running if you create an extra rustle. Move from room to room, looking for new items that can lead you to the door that will take you out of this dark nightmare, until the old woman gets to the living soul.

During these nightmarish five days in Granny, you have to learn how to survive in one of the darkest places, hide where your granny cannot see you. After all, she will first of all look in the most predictable places, such as under a bed or a closet, which can only protect you at the beginning.

After all, before you is a first-class horror movie with horror elements that can scare many players from the very first minutes of the game. Prove to yourself and your friends that you can stand and get out of the darkest home that can be seen in nightmares.

Added a menu mod to the game, with which you can make the bot stupid!

Mod features:

  • Granny not attack you anymore
Granny (granny not attack / immortality) apk on android!
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