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Sky: Children of the Light MOD (unlimited energy / unlocked skins) 0.19.5 (206971) APK

Rating: 3.9 (15)
  • thatgamecompany inc
  • Android 8.0 +
  • Mod: 0.19.5 (206971)
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Sky Children of the Light is a very sweet and sincere game in which you have to complete an important mission, namely to return all the fallen stars to their places. To do this, you have to travel through the most bewitching locations in search of bright light, which will only become more over time.

You can easily explore this huge game world alone, constantly finding new secrets and walking around with intellectual puzzles. No one forbids you to find a soul mate, a partner and help one alone even when you get lost and miss your ray of light on a dark path.

In order not to lose your companion, take him by the hand and go through everything together, making your way into the darkest and deepest dungeons or taking off above the clouds. Get the chance to change the appearance of the hero or give a kind gift to your friend who can help you in the most difficult moment while playing Sky Children of the Light.

Mod features:

  • МОД 1
  • Открыто одежда, миры и принадлежности. Все остальные вещи тоже разблокируются благодаря моду. Игроки не могут видеть ваш наряд, только вас. Экипировка будет сброшена на стандартную после выхода из игры, это не может быть исправлено.
  • Неограниченная энергия крыла (не работает, если вы находитесь под дождем)
  • Режим Бога (полное или частичное бессмертие)
  • МОД 2
  • МОД Меню
  • Неограниченная энергия и время полета
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