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Pacific Warships (unlimited money, diamonds and ammo)

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  • Mod: 1.1.26
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Pacific Warships - in the near future ship battles will reach a new level, in which you have to sit at the helm of one of them and start firing at enemy ships. For effective bombardment, using all available types of weapons and all the ability to control large vessels, which pick up speed for a very long time and turn around even more slowly.

Before you is a very dynamic and memorable action, the events of which take place in open water spaces. Take into account many features of your ship, the degree of rotation of the guns and the possibility of a hidden attack from behind a rock or other structure.

In Pacific Warships, you can upgrade not only the ship, but also the player himself, thereby increasing your skill and getting ready for new battles. Develop entire skill trees, collect money and blueprints to advance in the world of heavy combat. Open large ships and huge calibers, and there are already opponents with great combat experience, ready to fight to the last.

Mod features:

  • Projectiles will not run out during combat
Pacific Warships (unlimited money, diamonds and ammo) apk on android!
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